What do Lady Macbeth's two soliloquies in 1.5.1-33 and 1.5.45-61 tell us about her personality? Plans and beliefs? Include 2 quotes to support answer.

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Lady MacBeth is the prime mover and instigator in the entire regicide business. Her soliloquy reveals that she has great plans for their futures, but she fears MacBeth's nature, because unlike herself he is "too full of the milk of human kindness." She has ambition like her husband, but she also has the "illness [that] should attend it." Lady MacBeth is ambitious, driven, and full of the darker spirits. She plans to "pour [her] spirits into thine ear" and chastise with her tongue" all that "impedes him from the golden round." She believes in action and the force of will. She will use any means to drive MacBeth into the bloody business.

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