What do Julia, Winston, and O'Brien discuss in 1984?

Julia, Winston, and O'Brien discuss the Brotherhood and elaborate on the details of carrying out their secret assignment to undermine the Party in 1984. After Julia and Winston express their contempt for Big Brother and willingness to join the Brotherhood, O'Brien comments on their role as members of the underground movement, explains the nature of the secret organization, and informs Winston that he will give him a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein's book, which exposes the Party and Big Brother.

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After O'Brien alludes to Syme and gives Winston his address, Winston recognizes that he has purposely committed a small act of thoughtcrime and is certain that he is a member of the Brotherhood. Winston is confident that O'Brien is an ally and arrives at his Inner Party apartment with Julia. Once Julia and Winston enter O'Brien's apartment, O'Brien proceeds to turn off the telescreen, and Julia and Winston confess to being enemies of the Party. O'Brien then gives them wine, and they toast to Emmanuel Goldstein, Big Brother's foremost enemy. Winston then begins asking O'Brien questions about Emmanuel Goldstein and the Brotherhood, which O'Brien is more than happy to answer. O'Brien confirms that Goldstein is their leader and says the Brotherhood exists.

O'Brien then lists a series of horrific crimes that Julia and Winston might be required to commit by joining the Brotherhood. Julia and Winston admit that they are willing to carry out the various crimes but refuse to separate or leave each...

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