In Lord of the Flies, what do Jack and the boys do when the boar charges?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the boar charges them, the boys rush into the creepers to get out of the way, but Jack and Ralph try to kill him.

In Chapter Seven Ralph, Jack, and Simon and others have ascended the mountain to locate the beast because Ralph feels that they must clear up this issue before they can address anything else. As they enter the second island, the boys see the large boulders and the thick growth, and decide it could be a fortress for them. Suddenly, there is a crash in the bushes and a boar rushes at them; the boys dive into the creepers, and Jack tumbles to the ground, having his arm scraped by the tusks of the pig, while Ralph throws his spear, striking the boar on the nose, but the stick bounces off. The pig veers off the trail and rushes into the brush. Then, the boys rush out and Jack pokes in the undergrowth where the floundering boar has gone. Ralph boasts that he has struck the boar,

He sunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all.

But, Jack scolds Ralph, asking him why he did not wait.

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