What do Ikemefuna and Ezima's stories reveal about Okwonkwo in Part I ?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Okwonko's relationships with Ikemefuna and Ezima reveal that Okwonko is very set in his ideas about male and female roles, he is a traditionalist, and that he is not afraid to play favorites. Ezima, his favorite daughter, seems to understand her father and his moods more than any other member of his immediate family. She and her father have a special bond and he allows her privileges that his other children don't have. However, Okonkwo's one wish is that she had been born a boy. Ikemefuna is the boy Okonkwo would have wanted to have. He is disappointed in his own son, Nwoye, because Nwoye shows the sensitivity and laziness, traits Okonkwo's father had that Okonkwo has spent his life trying to overcome. Nwoye prefers his mother's company and he questions the tribes customs. This is an insult to Okwonkwo's pride and so he turns to Ikemefuna who is lively, intelligent and talented. Okwonkwo believes Ikemefuna sets a good example for his son, that is, until Okwonkwo ,rather than been seen as weak, kills Ikemefuna, That death and Okwonkwo's insecurities about himself, bring tragic consequences.

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