What do the hunters discover while out walking in the forest?

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The hunters set out to search for the "monster." They see something that looks like an ape or some other monster.  Actually, it's the body of a military pilot who ejected from his plane. The hunters decide to search for the monster, but instead, kill a sow in a violent, ritualistic manner. The sow's head is placed on a sharp spear and planted in the jungle as an offering, of sorts, to the beast.  Later, Simon discovers the head, bloated and covered in flies. Simon mistakes the buzzing of the flies as the voice of The Lord of the Flies--which is a name often given to Satan. Simon identifies this as the real "beast," and that the beast dwells within each of them.  Later, Simon finds the body of the parachutist the only one of the boys to recognize that the "monster" is a dead body.

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In Chapter 8, Jack tells his group of boys that they will hunt for pigs in the forest and leave some of the kill as a sacrifice to the beast so it won't bother them. As soon as the hunters enter the forest, Jack spots fresh pig dung which leads them to an area where several pigs are resting. Jack and the hunters silently approach the pigs and target the largest sow who is nursing several piglets. When Jack gives the order, the hunters throw their spears in unison at the large sow, striking and wounding the pig. The sow runs through the forest as the boys chase after it and they eventually encircle the wounded pig in a beautiful clearing in the forest. Jack's hunters savagely stab the dying pig and Roger lodges the tip of his spear into the sow's backside while Jack slits its throat. Once the pig is dead, Jack removes its insides and explains to the hunters that they will raid Ralph's camp to steal a few burning logs for their feast. He then cuts off the sow's head and plants it on top of a sharp stick that is driven into the ground as a gift for the beast. Simon witnesses the brutal hunt and hallucinates after staring at the severed pig's head.


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