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What do the first five stanzas mean in the poem Seafarer by Burton Raffel?

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First, let us clear up one crucial point: "The Seafarer" wasn't written by Burton Raffel. Raffel translated this poem from the Old English (and some translations don't provide stanza breaks, so it's possible for different readers to discuss it and confusion to result).

Now, turning to the poem, the first stanza blends a wish or oath of...

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It is telling the audience about the poet's numerous sufferings and difficulties, pain and sadness that had engulfed his entire life during his arduous experiences in the ill-fated trips at ships and ports and his journey out at sea, battering dangerous elements and enduring harsh conditions. The poet begs the audience to understand his honest and about his personal self-experience that he had come and how it revolutionized his entire life.

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