In Fahrenheit 451, according to Faber, what three things are missing from society?    

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There is a very particular set of three that fulfills your answer, and they can be found in books. Since books are missing from society, these three items are missing.

1. Quality of detail: Books allow folks the ability to experience fresh and rich detail. Books describe the human condition in a way that just doesn't occur in everyday conversation. Books allow us to feel.

2. Leisure to digest: Life often overwhelms us. We get too busy. Reading a book forces us to slow down. If we try to read a book to fast, we don't get it. Having time to deal with all of the issues in a book helps produce new perspectives in humanity.

3. Ability to act: Faber cites his own biggest weakness here. He is afraid of the government. After having read something important, a member of a society needs to act on what they have read. Montag demonstrates later in the book that he is indeed ready and willing. But he doesn't understand the first two steps because he hasn't experienced them.

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