What do Dill and Scout learn from Mr. Raymond? It is in chapters 18 to 21.

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They learn several things from Mr. Raymond. They learn first that what people think of him isn't true—he isn't a drunk, drinking whiskey from a Coca-Cola bottle, but actually is drinking Coca-Cola. They learn that he allows the town to misunderstand him, and that he does so because it makes the entire situation (him being openly involved with a black woman) easier to accept. They also learn how badly he sees whites as treating blacks, and how much he esteems Atticus. Taking all this together, this is part of how they learn about what's wrong with the racial attitudes they live with.


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Scout's been up for three day's, & she's out of red bull. Her call was a mistake .. something must of been strong in her water botttle ! Dill got a new chick, a dazzle little barbie doll ; scout feel's so pathetic, but you still haven't heard it all ..

Scout said forget that new girl that Dill loves so bad,
Because she's not crazy like her, She know's Dill want that.
Scout said forget that new girl that's been in Dill's bed,
She also said, "when your 'in' her, I know I'm in your head" .


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He isn't an alcoholic. He has a black wife and some half-white half-black children. He acts drunk so that he can give people an excuse on why he lives the life he does. Not because he enjoys his life but because he's always drunk and doesn't know any better. He doesn't like the racial discrimination in Maycomb either.