What do the vegetarian creatures look like in the Time Machine?

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The creatures are the Eloi. They are only about four feet tall.  The Time Traveller believes the Eloi are beautiful, graceful creatures even though "they looked so frail that I could fancy myself flinging the whole dozen of them about like nine-pins. But I made a sudden motion to warn them when I saw their little pink hands feeling at the Time Machine." As the Time Traveller tries to communicate with the Eloi, he notices

some further peculiarities in their Dresden-china type of prettiness. Their hair, which was uniformly curly, came to a sharp end at the neck and cheek; there was not the faintest suggestion of it on the face, and their ears were singularly minute. The mouths were small, with bright red, rather thin lips, and the little chins ran to a point. The eyes were large and mild; and - this may seem egotism on my part - I fancied even that there was a certain lack of the interest I might have expected in them.

The Time Traveller speculates that the Eloi have devolved because technology, politics, art, and creativity were used to change nature, placing man's needs above nature. Since there was no further need for technology, agriculture, and new methods to improve life, the Eloi lost their imaginations and curiosity about the world. They are physically weak and short because there is no work to be done. Men and women are very similar. There are no class systems or a need for leaders in their society.

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