what do cherry and ponyboy say is the real difference between the Socs and greasers?

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In chapter three, Cherry and Ponyboy discuss the real difference between greasers and Socs.  Ponyboy suggests that the main difference was "money that separated us", but Cherry also thought that there was something more that made the groups different(38).  According to Cherry Valance, the main dividing factor was how the two groups dealt with their emotions:

"You greasers have a different set of values.  You're more emotional.  We're sophisticated--cool to the point of not feeling anything.  Nothing is real with us" (38). 

Cherry laments that her group, the Socs, live in a "rat race" existence, always looking for more and never finding it.  Ponyboy understood what Cherry meant and agreed with her--the Socs were not emotional enough, and the greasers felt everything "too violently" (38).  The disparity between the two groups resulted in a personality clash of epic proportions, but at least in this moment, Cherry and Ponyboy saw eye to eye.