What do Ch 11-15 reveal about monster's natural instinct? what gives him pleasure? what does he value? of what does the creature's education consist?support with quotes please

mkcapen1 | Student

Frankenstein’s creature’s natural instinct is to move towards people.  He has an innate nature to go to people.  However, he is rejected and feared because of his appearance.  His other natural instincts tell him that he must eat, drink, and seek shelter.

"I longed to obtain food and shelter,"(95)

While in hiding in the hut Frankenstein’ creature observes a family in a cottage. He watches them everyday.  He becomes attached to the family and enjoys watching them.  He also loves to read books.

Frankenstein’s creature originally values the company of others and books, but after he continues to be rejected and scorned, he becomes angry and decides to seek revenge.

While hiding out in the hut, Frankenstein’s creature teaches himself to read and speak in a more eloquent manner.  He is self-taught.

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