What do Cassio's actions in Act II, Scene 1 tell us about his character in Othello?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cassio is presented as an upstanding soldier who respects and admires Othello (and Desdemona's beauty and charm).  Cassio is sad that they have been separated due to a storm and he is waiting for Othello to return from battle, along with Desdemona and Iago, who has been put in charge of "taking care" of Desdemona.  Through Cassio's comments, we are led to believe that he is a brave and kind man who is fiercely loyal to Othello and who also respects Iago (not a good thing to do!) because he does not yet know that he will become part of Iago's plot to ruin Othello. 

sindha | Student

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