What can I do when I need to complete an assignment in under 24 hours?

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Completing work with very short deadlines will be an essential skill for your career, and therefore it is good to learn appropriate strategies for this while you are still in school.

When you have an important deadline, you need to prioritize and practice time management. If you are living at home, you should start by talking to your parents and explaining the situation so that you can be excused from chores for the day (and make them up after the assignment is done) and perhaps get something simple like a sandwich that you can eat for dinner as you work.

Next, you need to eliminate distractions. Turn off your cell phone, email, TV, and anything not having to do with the assignment.

Finally, plan out the steps you need to do to complete the assignment and allocate the available time realistically among the steps. Stick to your timeline; remember that you can revise later if you have extra time, but even an imperfect assignment is better than none.

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