What do businesses do to protect the environment? and what do other businesses do that don't protect the environment?

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As the previous poster said, depends on the company.

Chipotle actually tries to source their food as much as possible from farms that use sustainable practices and feed their cattle grass etc.  They just went through a major re-tooling of their store in Charlotteville VA to use the pork from Joel Salatin, the famous farmer from Food Inc.  So some companies go to great lengths to help build good environmental practices.

Others could care less and maximize profits over everything, whether it is the environment or safety of workers, etc.  If you look at the recent case of Massey Energy, a company that has been pursuing the bottom line at the expense of its workers as well as the environment around their mines, you can see the different outlook they have on the environment and the practices they undertake to maximize profits.

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This answer totally varies depending on the business.  I would imagine that just about every business claims to protect the environment and would not say that it is harming the environment.

I would say that Wal-Mart is a good example of a company that is trying to protect the environment.  I have read many stories about how they have done things like cutting down on packaging and putting in policies that reduce how much fuel their trucks use.  Since they are such a huge firm, this helps the environment.

In my opinion, the firms that do the least to help the environment are those that keep producing large SUVs and other things that waste energy.

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