What do the boys discover about their surroundings?

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The boys in Lord of the Flies gather themselves and explore the island where they find themselves for several reasons: to determine if there are others on the island; to search for supplies they might find useful while living there; to find a promising location for building shelters; and to develop plans for how to alert the rest of the world to their location and need to be rescued.

They discover a natural lagoon which becomes the swimming hole, find fruit trees and plants growing in the jungle, determine how to use palm branches to build crude huts, explore a separate, smaller island connected to the larger one by a stone arch above the water, and climb a central mountain which is the extinct volcano that formed the island. They find no other humans but do become aware of other animals living on the island, including lots of flying insects and wild pigs.

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