What to do after B.Sc. physics, honours?do m tech or m.sc. and how to proceed after b.sc. physics hohours??

krishna-agrawala | Student

The decision on pursuing any particular course is very much a matter of personal preference and situation. You can find highly successful as well as not so successful people among people with all kinds of educational background including people with M.Sc. and M.Tech. qualifications.Thus it would not be right to say that any one of these choices is inherently better than the other. Each one of these courses will be the best for some, but not very good for others.

Rather than suggesting that you should follow this or that course of studies, I am giving below some guidelines that will help you in making the correct choice yourself will help you to make a choice that suits you best.

  • Choose a course that interest you most. This is perhaps the most important factor. If you are interested in a particular subject, it is most likely that you will have aptitude for that subject. This means you will be able to learn better and produce better results with same degree of efforts. Further, when you like some work, it is easier to devote more time and effort doing this. However you must be careful to understand your own likes and dislikes. Sometimes people take fancy for a subject lured by success of others with similar qualifications. This is not genuine liking. When you really like a subject, you are likely to find it enjoyable and easy to learn. This will not happen when you are attracted to a subject just only by the prospects of better career.
  • Unfortunately, it is not always practical or easy to follow just your interest. You must also think in terms of facilities available for different courses. For example,  you may find M.Sc. most interesting but there is no good college for that course, whereas a top class college may exist for M.Tech. Course. In such instances you may you may choose a course which is less interesting to you. But be careful not to choose a line for which you have absolutely no interest. Do not loose heart. With efforts you can find other alternatives that are good enough for you.
  • Take your resources into consideration. The time taken to complete a course and the expenses involved may differ considerably from course to course. You have to be sure that can arrange adequate resources to pursue studies of your choice. If you are short of resources, you may consider alternative approaches like learn while you earn, or differing your studies for some time.
  • Do speak to some people from all the fields to get a better idea of what is involved in these studies, and other information like the best colleges and considerations for choosing from different subject within each course.

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