In 1984, what disturbing news do the men and Montag watch on TV?       Please & thank you

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sboeman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Up to this point, Montag has escaped and fled the city, leaving behind those who are searching for him, including the mechanical hound.  Montag is now safe with Granger and his group of friends who are hiding on the outskirts of the city, waiting for the chance to rebuild a more educated society.

Together they watch a TV program of the "hunt" for Montag, and Granger tells Montag that since the people want to see Montag captured, the media will probably just randomly choose any unfortunate misfit wandering the street, claim he is Montag, and kill him for the viewing audience to see; Montag finds this hard to believe, but still watches.

Of course, Granger's prediction comes true: a young man is walking alone and is suddenly attacked and killed; Montag also notices that the viewers never actually see the victim's face.  The audience is satisfied and this dysfunctional society has rid itself of another possible troublemaker.

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