What is distinctive about Cathy in "The House on Mango Street"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cathy has many distinguishing attributes.  The most evident is that she is an animal lover - she "has cats and cats and cats...her house is like cat heaven".  She also is somewhat stuck-up, a label she applies to a former friend named Alicia, who has been "stuck-up ever since she went to college...she used to like (Cathy) but now she doesn't".  Cathy doesn't see that she shares the same inclination towards snobbishness herself.

Cathy says that she is "the great great grand cousin of the queen of France".  She has a high opinion of herself, and a sense that she is better than others.  She is also bigotted and insensitive, as she demonstrates when she tells Esperanza that she will be moving away because "the neighborhood is getting bad".  Cathy speaks what is on her mind without a filter; she does not appear to be aware that her attitudes and words are directly belittling to Esperanza and her family, who are Hispanic and have just arrived in the immediate area, when she expresses her dismay that "people like (them) keep moving in".

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