What is the distance from the center of galaxies UGC 128 and m33?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

m33 is 2.7 million light years from Earth.  I'll round to 3 million light years for easier explanation.  

UGC 128 is 208 million light years from Earth. 

It is not clear based on your question whether or not you simply want the distance from Earth or if you want the distance between those two galaxies.  If you want the distance from Earth, the above answers your question.  If you want the distance between them, a person would have to know where exactly those two galaxies are located within the celestial sphere.  If they lay in line with each other, looking in the same exact direction from Earth, then they are 205 million light years apart.  If they are located on exactly opposite viewing angles from Earth, they would be 211 million light years apart. 

I do know for sure that they are moving further away from Earth all the time, so where they are now in relation to Earth changes.