What "disease" is infecting denmark? Who is the source of this "disease"?  Why is Hamlet chosen to "cure" it?I've always had a problem with understanding Shakespear :(

anna-anu | Student

Hamlet is the story of a prince of Denmark, named Hamlet, whose father the king of the same name is killed by his own brother Claudius, who in turn marries the queen. The murder upsets the laws of nature and uncertainty reigns. Hamlet is devastated by the incidents and does not accept either the marriage or the explanation given of his father's death. He is suspicious of Claudius. The disease infecting Denmark is that of disquiet, suspicion and unrest, for the ghost of the dead king is seen and suspicion of foul play arises. The source of this disease is the new king Claudius, as his unnatural act of murder and marrying his sister in law leads to the atmosphere prevalent in Denmark. Hamlet is chosen to cure it because he is the son of the dead king thus the fire of revenge burns in his heart moreover, he is the right person as the prince to rid his country of this disease.

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