In The Sea-Wolf, what disease does Wolf Larsen have?

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Jack London’s “The Sea-Wolf” is a story about two very different men.  Humphrey Van Breyden describes himself as a gentleman.  He and Maud Brewster are rescued at sea by Wolf Larsen.  Larsen is an angry, brutal man who forces the two into working on his ship the “Ghost.”  The two escape to an island, but eventually the “Ghost,” and Larsen find them.  The ship is a wreck and Hump wants to fix it and escape the island and Larsen.  The “love triangle” creates tension and suspense.  Larsen is suffering from awful headaches and eventually goes blind.  His disease is described as a tumor on the brain, strokes, and blindness.  Of course we can’t be sure what was wrong with Larsen, but the symptoms pointed to something wrong with his brain.  We can’t be sure if the blindness was caused by strokes, or by a tumor, but he eventually dies and Hump and Maud escape.

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