What is the discrimant of x^2-3x+2=0

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The discriminant of a quadratic function is defined as:


If this value is positive, then there exists real roots of the quadratic.  However, if it is negative, the roots are complex.  We know this because the formula comes from the quadratic formula:


And any number that contains the square root of a negative number is a complex number (`i=sqrt(-1)` ).

For` x^2-3x+2` : a=1; b=-3; c=2


Therefore, the roots of the function are real.

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`x^2-3x+2=0 `   to find the discriminant use the formula `b^2-4ac`

`a= 1`    `b= -3 `  `c=2`

`-3^2-4(1)(2)`  simplify it

`9-8=1 `   the discriminant is 1 meaning the problem has 2 real solutions as 1 is bigger than 0