What discovery is John most excited to bring back to his father?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John is excited to bring the news to his father that the City of the Gods is really New York City, and the gods were actually humans, so they have nothing to fear.

John is a would-be priest in some future time. He has a dream and takes off on a spiritual journey. On his trip, he travels into the Place of the Gods, the old city. When he ventures he sees a mummified “dead god” by a window.

John realizes that this is not the City of the Gods after all.  It used to be called New York City.  His people are just descendants of the humans that used to live there.

At least, we make a beginning. And, when I am chief priest we shall go beyond the great river. We shall go to the Place of the Gods—the place newyork—not one man but a company.

His father has said that John left a boy and returned a priest.  He has indeed brought a new beginning to his people.

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