What are three disciplines that could help solve globalization as a contemporary issue or problem?

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Three disciplines that are acknowledged to have significant roles in helping to solve contemporary issues or problems inherent in the emergence of globalization are economics, banking and finance, and political science and public policy formation. Other disciplines recognized as significant in solving globalization issues and problems are social policy, health and well-being (as in the role of WHO), communication and information systems, business management, and ethics.

Specific discussions within the broad globalization discourse identify the discipline of economics, especially the fields of economic development and economic regionalism, as critical to solving the issues and problems accentuated by or emerging from globalization. There are divergent views on globalization economics, but there is agreement that the emergence and development of new consumer markets and production centers has unintended consequences, both negative and positive, and that globalization economics is paradoxically the cause and the avenue of resolution for these problems and issues. For example, one paradoxical situation is that new centers of production create land degradation and soil, water, and air toxification, but it is said that it is the powerful new voice of the indigenous peoples that allow them to call for resolution and remediation. 

The world's banking and finance institutions were at the door of collapse in 2008 and 2009. Consequently, they are presently inadequate to meet the challenges of globalization economics, yet, again paradoxically, the discipline of banking and finance still provides the front line for addressing global banking and finance needs for microloans, foreign direct investment, and emerging production center development. The issues and problems generated by globalization require accord in government policy on a multilateral scale. The discipline of political science and public (governmental) policy making is critical to directing the multilateralization of global policy to minimize negative unintended consequences and maximize positive consequences of globalization.

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