What are the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the assumption has already been made that there is not a scientific or medically mandated need for cosmetic surgery.  For example, a severe burn victim will need cosmetic surgery and might require several different cosmetic surgery procedures for such a condition.  I think that one of the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery for purely "cosmetic" purposes is that it makes the individual susceptible to a very slippery slope.  Once that door is open in terms of having cosmetic surgery work done for a specific purpose, more work is done for the same reasons.  The body can appear imperfect in so many different ways.  Today's "tummy tuck" can lead to a "nose job" tomorrow or work on the chin the next day.  Doctors call it a condition known as Body dysmorphic disorder or BDD.  This condition is one in which the individual is excessively driven by the perceived imperfections in the body.  This can be accentuated by excessive cosmetic surgery, for if surgery is seen as something that can be achieved to remedy these ends it can be achieved in so many areas of the body.  I think that this becomes one of the drawbacks to cosmetic surgery, if not properly monitored  and observed.

smartarnav12 | Student

Due to plastic surgery your skin would start wrikling early.There are many chances of plastc surgery that the surgery fails and you face starts looking more worse han earlier.

kavya--kammana | Student
  • result can be seen for a little period the after that wrinkle will appear
  • oldage is inevitable . so if we have entered oldage then its usual that its start to get spots and wrinkles and all other thing. if a cosmetic surgery is taken at this age it can cause double the cause.
  • skin cancer is possible consequence
  • if a surgery is done it will last for some period and then it will come back to the original appearence. so a surgery should be done again.  and continuous surgery can cause dangerous diseases for skin..
  • moreover what is the need of a cosmetic surgry and all.? if nice eating habits and excercise habits are maintained from an earlier period , the beauty lasts for a better time.only oldage make some changes otherwise it is better to be healthy from an earlier age itself. : )