What are the disadvantages of electronic dictionary???

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many positive and negative points that could be stated about electronic dictionaries. Here are some positive points:

First, they are pretty small, especially when you compare it a big dictionary. Moreover, you are able to carry around wherever you go. Second, you gain speed with an electronic dictionary. To look for words in an unabridged dictionary takes a lot of time. Third, with a digital format, you can have many dictionaries, such as foreign languages.

Here are some negative points:

First, as with all technology, things get outdated. So, newer things always come out with newer features. Tied to this is that technology is always replaced in part because older things break down. Second, with a digital format, you always run the risk of it malfunctioning. You really do not have this problem with a book. Finally, there is the issue of price. Some things are simply not affordable.