What are the disadvantages of CFCs? I have searched everywhere for this and i need a lot of information because I'm doing a very big science project. Thanks :)

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CFCs is chloroflourocarbons. 
When CFCs are released into the air they can get to the stratosphere and destroy ozone layer. This creates a hole in the ozone layer around the earth and allow in more ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

CCl2F2 + hv → CClF2 + Cl•

Cl• + O3 → ClO• + O2

ClO• + O• → Cl• + O2

ClO• + ClO• + M → (ClO)2 + M

(ClO)2 + hv → Cl• + ClOO

ClOO + M → Cl• + O2 + M

Thus the free radicle chain reaction continues which leads to the breaking of the Ozone layer.

The full name for CFCs is chloroflouroc arbons, which just means that these synthetic compounds include...

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