What direction should an essay on women and religion in Brighton Rock by Graham Greene take? What quotes can I use?

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An essay about the female characters in Graham Greene’s work could elaborate many connections to the theme of religion. Greene was Catholic, and he often writes about questions of morality. His most intriguing characters experience crises of faith, which compel them to decide what they value most and to act accordingly in a difficult situation. Brighton Rock features two very different female characters: one young, the other middle-aged; one ethereal, the other earthy.

In writing about them, one could focus on one character and analyze her at key points throughout the story action. One might concentrate on her transformation, including the events that spark the change. Looking at her backstory would help in understanding her self-identity early in the plot and explain why such a change occurred. Rose grows from an innocent adolescent girl to a pregnant young woman. Her convictions in Catholic faith show in her rejecting the mortal sin of suicide. Analyzing the final confessional scene, with her obvious Madonna symbolism, is another avenue is another likely component of one’s essay. The religious aspects involve taking a stand against mortal sin. Her decision advances the plot because stays alive, while Pinkie takes his own life. Ida, who is older and more experienced, initially is rather cynical. She seems to have accepted her current status in life and to assume that she should accept things as they are. One might look at Hale’s death as the motivation for her to seek the truth, which connects with an unanticipated spiritual rebirth.

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