How would you describe the characters of Laughing Boy and Slim Girl?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Laughing Boy is a courageous Navajo who does not shy away from confrontations with his Ute and Hopi enemies. He is an artist as shown by his skill in making jewelry. He is a free spirited individual who enjoys horseback riding and looking after animals. He also takes part in rituals and community activities such as traditional dances. Laughing Boy is loyal as seen when he does not avenge his wife’s murder, keeping a promise he made his dying wife (Slim Girl).

Slim Girl is intelligent and energetic she easily adapts to new environments and is an outgoing person. She suffers some challenges earlier on when she gets pregnant by a cowboy who refuses to marry her. She remains strong and finds her way back to her Indian roots and through Laughing Boy she learns the Navajo culture and customs.

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