What are the direct contrasts between the speaker (human world) and the bird (natural world) in the poem "A Bird Came down the Walk" ?What is their relationship? How are their worlds different?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem 'a Bird came down the Walk' by Emily Dickinson can be compared to Ted Hughes poem about thrushes. Both concern the two faces of Nature - and the contrast which brings about fear in humans. Here are some contrasts:

The bird's head is soft and feathery and the poet probably finds him sweet to look at - at first. Then she sees him do what he must do to get by in the dog-eat-dog environment of the natural world. Without compunction, compassion or remorse he 'bites' a defenceless, harmless worm clean in two and eats him right up.

The contrast between how he looks and what he actually does scares the watcher and she even seems to offer him a crumb not of affection but to pacify his killer instinct! This shows how,although Man is powerful, he cannot tame Nature and deep down if all our civilization aids like transport and bureaucacy were to break down by sheer force of nature, such as in global warming tsunamis or earthquakes, we are afraid we might all perish as Nature has no pity.