What is the Dionysiac symbolism related to the female protagonist Serafina in Williams's The Rose Tattoo  ?

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lprono eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The play makes several references to Dionysus through the character of Serafina and these constitute Williams's homage to the classic Greek tragedy. Dionysus is a god that represents virility and excess, intoxication and passion. Because Serafina worships the virility of her husband, boasting about it in such a way that she is blind to his unfaithfulness, she could be considered a modern-day worshipper of Dionysus. In this respect, the play is a celebration of life as Serafina continues to worship her husband after his death. On the other hand, Williams also makes the point that Serafina's attitude towards her husband is excessive and unmotivated. She will also understand that her pride is wrong and will learn to be humble. This too brings her close to Dionysus as he was also considered the god of the right worship.

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