What dimension is mostly seen today in US culture?

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This is a controversial question, and the answer that follows is admittedly based as much on anecdotal evidence as it is on objective mechanisms such as surveys and opinion polls. It is also a question intertwined with US politics and one's answers to it will probably be based to some degree on one's political and even economic views.

The conservative scholar Dinesh Desouza, in his book What's so Great about America (2002), asserted that, although the popular view of America is that it is a religious country, in reality, religion has relatively little authority and influence upon or within the US public. Despite this being a view, we'd think would more probably be expressed by a figure on the liberal side, it is difficult to refute what Desouza has written on this point and what was true in 2002 is at least as valid in today's society. Whatever dimension of religion does still hold away in US culture has little effect on the personal and everyday lives of most people, including those who...

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