What are the Dillemmas encountered in the play?Can anyone give a good thesis statement when discussing about dilemma's in the play. URGENT! THANKS!

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First of all, Macbeth faces the dilemma of entering into contract with the preternatural world of the witches, whose predictions tempt him.  While Banquo warns him that the three sisters lure him with half-truths, Macbeth's cupidity tempts him to the lure of power.  Secondly, he often wrestles with his conscience in this tragedy as his sense of morality conflicts with his "vaulting ambition." ["If it were done" soliloquy]. Thirdly, he faces the quandary of having to continue along the path he has started in order to protect his life, while at the same time he is tortured by guilt ("Macbeth hath murdered sleep")--the guilt attached to having murdered Duncan, the guilt of his wife's death, and so on.  Finally, his dilemmas exist in trying to interpret the predictions of the witches and act defensively upon them.

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