What is digital communication ?  

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Digital communication is communication through communication systems that first convert output into binary sequence and then convert that binary sequence into a form suitable for transmission over particular physical media such as cable, twisted wire pair, optical fiber, or electromagnetic radiation through space. (Robert Gallager, MIT OpenCourseWare)

Digital communication is the art of communicating via the onslaught of various technological advances, many in the for of "apps", or applications, for smart phone usage.  Communication by computer in the form of email, power point presentations, or lesson presentation all fit within the parameter of digital communication.  So do texting, tweeting, instagramming, and veritable plethora of modern communication techniques employed by up to 90% of the public today.  Not only are we able to text each other, we are also able to video chat with each other, a concept that once only existed in the Sunday comic strips version of Dick Tracy, with his fancy "two-way wrist radio."  Applications like Facebook and the cloud have replaced more traditional methods of communication, such as the telephone and the telegraph.  Newspapers have even resorted to online digital versions, as subscriptions to "hard copy" newspapers have declined over the past decade.

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