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What are the differences and similarities between Afganistan and Russia?

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Geographically, politically, economically, and historically, these two countries differ from each other; in fact, their similarities are slim.  First, they are both east of Europe and in the Northern hemisphere, and both have mountainous terrain.  But Russia, being so much larger than Afghanistan, has a more varied climate, from tundras to lush grasslands to icy Siberia; it is in some ways part of Europe, and it reaches to the Pacific Ocean, touching it at Vladivostock.  Afghanistan, on the other hand, is desert and rugged mountains.  Economically, Russia is considered a first-world country, while Afghanistan is an emerging or even third-world country; its main economic source is poppies, while Russia is industrialized.  Politically, Russia is communist and non-religious, while Afghanistan is in flux – partly a socialist state and partly a Muslim religious state.  Historically, Russia has gone through Feudalism, several czars, civil war, and totalitarianism, as well as attempted invasion (Bonaparte, Nazis, Attila the Hun, etc.); Afghanistan has been unsuccessfully invaded by Russia.

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