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What is the difference between 'patience' and 'tolerance', according to psychology? i want to relate the 'concept of patience' in the noble Quran to the concept of tolerance in positive psychology.

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Patience and tolerance initially appear to be relatively similar; however, upon closer examination, they are actually quite different experiences.  According to some psychologists, patience and tolerance are both personality traits that occur on continuums (meaning you have a high or low level). Patience is ability to keep calm and collected under trying conditions.  It is a willing response that can be quite difficult for some individuals to maintain.  Tolerance, on the other hand, is the willingness to put up with a certain amount of something or to accept differences and incongruities.

Someone who is patient may be willing to listen to someone who has an opposing viewpoint, but they may not be willing to accept what that person has to say.  However, someone who is tolerant would be willing to accept the other person's beliefs and "put up with them" even if they are contradictory to one's own views.

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