What are the difficulties of love in Sense and Sensibility?Describe the difficulties love faces when society is involved

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Society in Sense and Sensibility serves as the conduit that settles family estates, binds businesses, helps escalate the financial ladder, and brings prestige to the family name.

Particularly for women, whom in the 1820's were less than second class citizens, their weddings and relationships were directly proportional to family status, and their own honor. The more money you married, the better the chances of being called Lord, or Lady, own estates, manage properties, and get a rank in society.

The problem with this was that relationships built on love were scarce and rare. Marriage was seldom seen as a necessity for love, as lovers and affairs were rampant- always allowable to men. So, if you were a man or woman of marrying age, you had to leave to Lady Luck if the person designated to marry you is loving, lovable, remotely attractive, non-abusive, etc. It was not up to love, but up to finances.

As a result, many loveless, angry, sad marriages were put together bringing up difficulties in the validity of the institution as a religiously-inspirational ceremony based on love.

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