What is the diffference between newspaper reporting and feature writing?

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Newspapers are divided into several sections, including news (local, national, international), sports, business, and usually some sort of lifestyle section. Stories reporting on specific timely events (wars, elections, epidemics) are normally called "news" and writing them is news reporting. Stories that are "evergreen", not tied to a specific time or place ("how to lose weight", tips on dealing with household clutter, 10 ways to wear scarves) are called features. They are usually longer than many news stories and either deal with lifestyle issues or analysis of news. Even sports stories can be divided into hard news (the scores in yesterday's game) vs. feature (does football promote a culture of violence) stories.

Monthly magazines and the magazine sections of newspapers normally contain features and weeklies a mix of news and features. In general, a news story follows a "just the facts" style of writing, with an inverted pyramid structure (most important -- who. what, when, where, why how -- first) and features borrow more stylistic elements from fiction.

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