What were the different ways Jackson used to get the Indians to sign treaties?

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The United States government was well aware of the advantage of gaining ownership of the land.  The Indians stood in the way of progress for the White settlers and the government desired the resources on Indian land.  In addition, the Indians were considered savages and a thorn in the government’s side. Major General Andrew Jackson was determined to find a method to correct the situation and ended up battling the Creek Indians.  The Battle known as the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend led to the destruction of the Creek’s fighting forces.  Once he had control over the Indians, he forced them to sign the treaty with the government, causing them to hand over around 21 million acres of land.

However, Jackson knew there was more land and other Indians to suppress.  He organized campaigns against the Creeks, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw.  Embattled and overwhelmed by the number of White settlers as well as the size of Jackson’s army, the Indians believed that if they adopted appeasement as their strategy, the government would provide them with land and allow them to live in peace.  Hoping for this peace and under Jackson’s pressure and dominant forces, many of the tribes signed away the rights to their land by signing different treaties. 

After Jackson because president, he established the Removal Act of 1830.  He used bribery by offering the Indians transportation, money, and protection if they agreed to move to new territories where the government chose to place them.  Using bullying, fear of slaughter, bribery, and deception, Jackson was able to get 70 treaties to remove the Indians to new territories signed by the Indians.

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