What are the different views on Julius Caesar? the views of his friends and enemies (not the play please)

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This is a great question. There certainly are different view on Caesar. Let me list a few.

First, some people viewed Caesar as a potential tyrant. The Roman Republic was based on shared power, so that no one would become too powerful. Caesar broke this trend, because he became too powerful. For example, he took the title of Dictator for Lfe. His death can be seen as a result of his excessive power.

Second, others viewed Caesar are a brilliant statesman and general and one who was very much part of the world of the Republic. They point out that many people had a lot of power in the Republic like Marius and Sulla. Moreover, they point out that he defended the Roman Republic from the Gauls. So, they praise him for this.

Third, still others, like the Jews, looked kindly upon Caesar, because he benefited them a lot.

In the end, there were several views floating around about Caesar. It is all about perspective.

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