What different uses would Maggie and Dee have for the quilts?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The two sisters were raised together by their mother in a humble home in the countryside. Maggie stayed home with the mother while her sister proceeded to college. Dee had always been scornful of their way of life back in the countryside. She returned home with a Muslim man whom she introduced as her boyfriend. Her mother and sister noticed that she had changed. Dee was more sophisticated and seemingly in touch with her African culture. She had changed her name to a more Africanized version to confirm her new identity.

She showed interest in traditionally hand-woven quilts done by her grandmother but promised to Maggie. Dee wanted the quilts so she could display them in her house because she viewed them as cultural symbols not to be used but preserved. She believed that Maggie was unable to understand their significance and would put them to everyday use in her matrimonial home.

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