What are the different types of love in A Streetcar Named Desire?

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The two "romances" that are at the heart of A Streetcar Named Desire are between Stella and Stanley and between Blanche and the imaginary idea of romance that she has created within her own internal narrative.

In the case of Blanche, she seems to have a very immature and fictionalized idea of romance, and because of it, men seem to avoid her. It is revealed that much of Blanche's neurotic tendency stems from the fact that she forcefully confronted her ex-husband about his homosexual tendencies, causing him to kill himself. She is promiscuous and lives in a world of fiction that is not apparent to those around her, who just see her as unhinged. Ultimately, her idea of love is warped and based on a lie, and she will never find the true, Southern gentleman that she desires, because he does not exist.

In complete contrast, the romance between Stella and Stanley is certainly real, though it is hardly an example of a healthy one. The relationship between the two exists completely without...

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