What are the different types of journeys in The Kite Runner?  

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Hassan has to journey back to his childhood hut after being attacked by Assef and his friends. He was retrieving the prized, defeated kite for his friend for whom he would do anything. His friend, Amir, witnessed the attack and did not intervene in fear. The journey home represents the turning point in their relationship of best friends. Despite Hassan's apparent injuries and emotional distress, Amir does nothing to help him. Amir turns from his friend toward another path.

The journey of escape from Afghanistan of Amir and his father to the US represents a major turning point in the father-son relationship. Amir becomes the son he always wanted to be to the father who has crumbled from his once superior status in the Afghan society.

Amir's journey back to Afghanistan to redeem himself by saving Hassan's son is his path to redemption for betraying his childhood friend. Through this journey, Amir is able to bury his past transgressions and forge a path to the future. With the love of his wife and the slow recovery of his dead, best friend's traumatized son, Amir will find peace inside, something he has not felt since childhood.

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