What are the different types of conflicts that take place in "Hills Like White Elephants."

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Perhaps one of the most important elements of conflict which has not been suggested by the answer above is the way in which the title suggests a larger conflict. It seems that there is a conflict between the imagination and the ability to see in metaphors and the inability to use the imagination, as expressed in Jig's ability to see the hills that surround them as if they were "white elephants." This of course is linked to the question of the abortion.

Jig's reference to her metaphor results in a squabble between the two lovers, which ends in Jig deliberately choosing to dismantle her vision in an attempt to regain his love and affection. Note what Jig says:

"They don't really look like white elephants. I just mean the colouring of their skin through the trees."

Thus we can see in this comment the way that her abortion is foreshadowed. Just as the imagination is conquered by a dull, practical view...

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