What are the different types of anesthesia?

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anesthesia is the loss of normal sensation. If you are properly anesthetized, you can not feel it. The deeper the level of anesthesia, the lower the level of consciousness. A few types are:

A. topical anesthesia- only numbs the surface of the tissue, medications are rubbed onto the skin.

B. local anesthesia- numbs a limited area, say the mouth or foot, or a part of a structure.

C. regional anesthesia- also called a nerve block, numbs a larger area, injection into or near the nerves.For example, an axillary nerve block under the arm.

D. epidural anesthesia- is a type of regional anesthesia but medications are injected into the epidural space or lumbar area of the lower back. Common in childbirth.

E. general anesthesia- a total loss of consciousness and sensation, medications are given intravenously and or inhaled.

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