What are different reasons people have for going to the courthouse to watch the trial? (Rev. Sykes, townsfolk, African-Americans, Miss Stephanie)

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Most of the town of Maycomb turns out for the rape trial of Tom Robinson in Harper Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Curiosity is probably the biggest draw for most--people like X Billups, Mr. Tensaw Jones, Miss Emily Davis, Mr. Byron Waller, Mr. Jack Slade and the Mennonites, .

Miss Maudie refuses to go because "t's morbid." Miss Stephanie actually claims to be going "to the Jitney Jungle."

    Miss Maudie said she'd never seen Miss Stephanie go to the Jitney Jungle in a hat in her life.
    "Well," said Miss Stephanie, "I thought I might just look in at the courthouse, to see what Atticus's up to."

The Negoes who fill the upper balconies are there to show their support for Tom. Jem, Scout and Dill show up to see Atticus in action. And no one seems to know why Dolphus Raymond remains outside.

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