What are the different precautions that should be taken by a job seeker while scheduling interviews?

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If you are looking for a traditional job:

1. Know what you want and clearly articulate that in a cover letter and at the interview.

2. Do not list reasons for leaving a job on your CV. If the employer asks, it is always better to explain in person.

3. Scheudle 1 interview per day. You never know how long the interview will take or if you will need to start work that day.

4. Be on time! Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early and NEVER be late!

5. Follow up: After the interview, call a few days later to call to express your continued interest and to see if you could offer any additional information.

For Stay at Home (Work from Home) Jobs:

1. NEVER give out your Social Security number or your Tac ID number.

2. Limit your contact information when answering an online ad. True businesses will respect your privacy and will ask for information in a secured environment.

3. When completing online applications: Check the security of the online application and business site first.

4. Never give out your bank account information until you have verified that the company is legitimate.

5. Regularly monitor your credit report if you do plan on working from home and keep meticulous records of what sites you posted your resume's to and any contact information you were given.

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