What are the different foods Calpurnia makes for the family and Alexandria's party in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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I'm not sure that Calpurnia prepared every single dish that was served at the Missionary Circle meeting, since Aunt Alexandra herself was quite a good cook. Nevertheless, Alexandra had decided to "let Calpurnia serve today," and the foods that were dished out included:

  • "A tray of charlotte." A charlottes is a dessert usually consisting of sponge cake or ladyfingers that cover a fruit mousse beneath.
  • Dewberry tarts. The dewberry is a type of tart blackberry.
  • A tray of cookies
  • Coffee

Some of the foods Calpurnia served at the Finch house were fried chicken, turnip greensĀ and, Scout's favorite, crackling bread. (Crackling bread is cornbread made with browned fatback--pork fat covered by a brown skin--or bacon.) We can assume that Cal prepared the foods brought to the Finch house by the people of the Quarters in appreciation of Atticus's defense of Tom. They included scuppernong grapes, salt pork, tomatoes, beans and a favorite of Atticus's--pickled pigs' knuckles. And, Cal served the molasses that Walter Cunningham Jr. poured over his food during his one lunch visit to the Finch house.