In Late Chrysanthemums, what are the different expectations Kin and Tabe bring to their meeting? How is each one disappointed?

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In Late Chrysanthemums, a 1954 Japanese film, Kin is a former Geisha. Her life is one of missed opportunity and regret. She  is distrustful of men and fills her time with real estate and loaning money to her less financially secure friends, also former Geishas, who must accept that time is moving on and their children are growing up and will no longer support them. Kin has no children and feels that her financial success has resulted from her rejection of men - unlike her two friends. 

After the disappointing encounter with Seki, a former love interest, Kin gets quite excited at the prospect of a visit from Tabe, another former lover whom she has not seen for many years. They intend to have a drink together and she flirts with him. However, he is interested only in borrowing money from her and she is resentful that he has no other interest in her, especially as her life is boring and her wretched life is mostly self-made.   Tabe simply gets drunk and, in fact, propositions Kin's mute maid. Kin burns a photograph of him in uniform that she has been keeping which reveals her disappointment at what she was hoping could have been a revival of their relationship.  Tabe leaves disappointed as she does not lend him any money. 

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