What are the different causes of the animals' rebellion in Animal Farm by George Orwell?

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 There is no one thing that caused the rebellion, however the boar of Manor Farm, Old Major, told the animals that it was time to rise against Jones and start their own society which would be ruled by them and which would treat all animals equally.
However, the actual rebellion didn't occur until after Old Major's death when Farmer Jones and his men forgot to feed the animals for a long period of time. Fed up with being hungry and neglected, the animals got Boxer to kick open the feed stores so they could eat.  When they figured out they had within them the power to fend for themselves, they drove Farmer Jones, his wife, his workers, and the Raven (church) off, and renamed the farm Animal Farm.
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After not being fed for a full day, one of the horses knocked the door of the food shed in and the animals began feasting. Mr Jones saw and him and his men came out with whips and began lashing out at the animals. The animals then fought back.

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